Ruby Tutorial: 10. Errors

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From common to most uncommon errors you can find in RGSS2 and Rpg Maker Vx:
SyntaxError: It happens when something in a script cannot process or is already being used… can also occur when there is a compatibility error…
NameError: It happens when a variable or string is being used that has not yet been defined.
NoMethodError: It happens when a definition is called that has not been defined in any script.
ArgumentError: It happens when there is an incorrect amount of necessary arguments.
RuntimeError: It happens when a script makes the game/cinema not respond.
NoMemoryError: It happens when the operating system can’t reach the required amount of memory. (Too Big of a Game/Cinema)
TypeError: It happens when a converting command or system command can’t be ran by the game/cinema
ZeroDivisionError: It happens when a variable is divided by 0. (INFINITE)


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