Ruby Tutorial: 03.module

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Command: Module

Syntax: Module $$$

Description: Used as a vocabulary or configurable script. Contains information that can be used ingame.

Example: module vocab

def self.ex

return 0

end # End def

end # End Module

Usage: vocab::ex or vocab.ex

Why and How: Modules are caches that don’t require functions… these caches are used commonly to give a more customized experience and allows the player that downloads the script to edit the scripts easily… it can be used to organize data or functions… for some reason there is a common error when using these caches… i don’t know if it is just a bug or something else… but you MUST put the first letter of a module a CAPITAL letter. Example… Myexample, myexample will give an error… you must have it Myexample not myexample….


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